Are you struggling for time or with activities outside your comfort zone?
we can complete tasks for you
to help you get back in control.

Startup Consulting

Entrepreneurs often try to take on too much. We can be that extra pair of hands that helps you with tasks outside of your comfort zone or when your workload becomes unmanageable.

If you recognise yourself in any of these statements, you’re in the right place.

I like being creative and coming up with ideas but need help to execute and turn my ideas into a business

There are tasks outside my comfort zone that I would like to hand off to someone else

I feel overwhelmed and could do with help to get back in control

I am concerned that I lack expertise in areas critical to running my business

There will be times when you feel like you can’t do it all

Most Startups don’t have funding to hire staff.

We provide Startup Consulting to complete critical tasks for you, and Business Advisor services where we become a part of your team.

Startup Consultancy

When your business is struggling it can feel like you are constantly putting out fires. We can provide short-term support that helps you to get back in control. 

Our business consultancy can help you

Prepare a business plan or pitch deck

Market research – to validate your idea

Map out your go to market strategy

Develop your sales and marketing plan

Assist in the preparation of your financial projections

Identify ways to increase sales or profits

Recruitment – find a cofounder or key staff for your business

Outsourcing – develop specifications, issue quotations and tender analysis

Schedule a call or send us an email to discuss where our Startup Consultancy can help

One of the reasons that small businesses fail is a lack of expertise in the areas critical to running a business. 

Business Advisor

Startup companies can benefit from appointing a Business Advisor as part of your team. This could be on a paid basis or taking a shareholding in the business.

A business advisor can assist you by

Helping you to recognise and pinpoint problem areas

Providing an experienced and unbiased opinion helping you to make key decisions

Having someone to bounce ideas off

Identifying where you could get funding

Schedule a call or send us an email to learn more about our Business Advisor services

The benefits of appointing a Business Advisor or using our Startup Consultancy

Utilise the expertise of people who have already been through the learning curve

Saves you from going through months of trial and error, learning everything the hard way

Reduce lead times, starting your business faster and minimising the risk of errors

Delegating allows you to focus on your strengths

Reduce the feeling of overwhelm and get back in control of your business

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