Many Entrepreneurs say a key to their success has been
working with a Business Coach
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Startup Business Coach

When you start your first business you have so many questions that could benefit from having someone there to guide you.

Coaching is right for you if:-

You would like help to plan and execute the startup or growth of your business

You would like to discuss issues with someone who has already been through the learning curve

You want support to build confidence and trust in your own abilities

You feel a bit overwhelmed and would like clarity on what to prioritise and focus on

You are working hard but not getting the results you want

Business Coaching

Most business founders will encounter challenges that would benefit from the support of a coach.

Business Coaching is used to identify and work through any issues or problems that are preventing you or your business from reaching its potential. Coaching is undertaken in a supportive way that helps you to gain confidence in your abilities. We will help you to see some different perspectives and provide direct advice on the options that you can take, while acting as an accountability partner to ensure agreed actions are completed.

We break the coaching model in to 3 phases:

Initial discussion (free of charge). This session will confirm that we are a good fit for your business, will clarify your goals and agree the session frequency and other details.

Five 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions

A final session to evaluate progress and outcomes, and agree an ongoing action plan

We recommend a minimum of six sessions for a coaching programme. The price for six coaching sessions is €650.

You don’t have to go it alone.

The Benefits of Using our Business Startup and Coaching Programmes Include:

We bring you through each step of the startup journey tailored to your specific business

You get a roadmap that gives you a clear sense of direction on how to start and grow your business

You get all the tools and templates you need, with a coach that keeps you accountable 

You get advice from someone who has been through the learning curve

We provide you with the clarity and confidence to start and build a successful business

Ultimately we want to see you succeed, turning your business idea into a reality.

Schedule a free and confidential 30 minute call or send us an email to discuss how our startup and scale coaching programmes can help you.

If you would like additional support we can complete tasks for you through our Startup Consultancy.