“Our mission is to improve the success rates for first-time entrepreneurs,

helping you to turn a good idea into a great business


When I started my first business I was in the same position as many first-time founders. I needed training to fill my skills gaps, and to understand the sequence of steps I needed to take so that I didn’t waste time on the wrong priorities.

While training was available it tended to be fragmented and on specific topics, rather than a structured roadmap that covered all the areas I needed to understand, from generating an idea, to scaling up my business.

“We created The First Time Entrepreneur to teach you the strategies and practices used by successful startups.”

Every founder will struggle with some parts of the journey, we are here to help.”

So I did some customer research and the feedback was clear. First-time entrepreneurs wanted a roadmap, and step-by-step training that covered the full range of tasks, all in one place. Coaching support when they needed help and someone that could help them with tasks outside their comfort zone.

So that’s what we are providing. Training that covers all the steps you need to get your business launched and growing. Coaching and mentoring programmes that give you the support of someone who has already been through the learning curve. Workbooks designed as projects that allow you to apply what you learn in a structured way to your business.  Advice on the best tools to use, and real-life examples across a range of industries.

We know that falling behind schedule can leave founders feeling frustrated. So we also provide consultancy services that are designed to give you an extra pair of hands to help you with tasks outside of your comfort zone, or the when you start to feel a bit overwhelmed.

We are constantly inspired by the determination and creativity of the Entrepreneurs we work with, and we hope that we can help your business to succeed.

“The advice comes from practical experience, coaching and advising founders, and being an angel investor.”

Hi, I’m Shane the founder of The First-Time Entrepreneur


My journey has brought me from working in Project Management, to setting up and scaling businesses for multinational companies in the UK, Ireland, and the USA, and then starting my own businesses. I am now an angel investor, business coach and mentor.


My key areas of expertise include:

  • Training: providing founders with a roadmap so that they have a clear plan to follow and gaining the knowledge founders need in each of the key business areas.
  • Business coaching: working with startups has given me insights into the common challenges founders experience, and the best ways to solve these challenges.
  • Startup consulting: helping founders to identify ways to increase sales, build their business plan, pitch deck, financial forecasts, and sales & marketing plans.
  • Securing investment: as an Angel Investor I have been able to help founders to secure investment.
  • Sales & Marketing: I can help to identify the most appropriate tactics, positioning, business model, go to market, and pricing strategies.
  • Building a team: starting my recruitment company has given me the expertise to help startups build and scale their teams.
  • Scaling & International expansion: I have started or scaled businesses in the USA, Ireland, and the UK and can help founders to develop playbooks for their international expansion.


I know how hard it can be to succeed, the effort needed to validate your idea, secure investment, get your first customers and then to scale your business. It can be a great sense of achievement but you will experience the roller coaster of mini successes and failures, of overwhelm and uncertainty along the way.

My hope is that The First Time Entrepreneur will make that roller coaster a little easier, giving you the confidence to get started and the support you need to build a successful business. One that you will be proud of.